Monday, February 10, 2020

Learning to read and write Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Learning to read and write - Essay Example The desire to read and learn how to write was also a primary factor in Douglass’s life. His whole life in Master Hugh’s family was spent conflicting with anyone who stood in the path of his desire to read and write. As a matter of fact, Douglass knew the effects of learning to read and write after seeing the changes in his mistress’s actions. The mistress changed from the tender-hearted, pious woman into a tiger-like fierce person who was more violent in her oppositions to the slaves than her husband (Douglas 1). The stories by Rodriguez and Douglass illustrate that education and the ability to learn and write were the only measures as stressed by the people around them to improve their lives. The world viewed education as the primary factor that could change the life of an individual. The master in Douglass’s case opposed the desire to educate the slaves and influenced the wife to do the same because they never considered it efficient to train a slave. Through education, the slaves would develop a sense of worthiness that would be damaging to the masters. The masters knew the power of learning to read and write and the consequences they would face had the slaves managed to do so. Douglas seemed to have a strong affinity to books and preferred facing the consequences than avoiding reading a book. He seemed to have an idea that books would be the key to his salvation. However, Douglas and Rodriguez failed to understand the adverse effects their actions would cause to their life. They failed to realise that there are two sides to every coin and that what has the power to make one free had the ability to blind and destroy them. Reading and writing abilities seemed to be the key to their success. However, soon after achieving their desires, they realized that they had achieved totally different results from what they expected. Douglas realized that he had been dreaming for most of his life and the ability to not understand the

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